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Magnetic Mindset Masterclass

  • 180Days


YOUR MENTOR: Analisa Martin -- Founder & CEO of The Glow Co and business mentor for ambitious estheticians & beauty professionals looking to create deep impact while making massive amounts of money! IG: @findyourglow_ This Mindset Masterclass is for individuals across ALL walks of life-- male, female, business owner or not! *Plan on about 2 hours* In this training, I will be sharing with you the simple shifts I made that enabled me to attract the current version of my dream life, and how I continually implement these practices and energetic upgrades to attract more of my desires. BRING A PEN & PAPER, AS THIS WILL BE AN INTERACTIVE EXPERIENCE & WE WILL BE WORKING TOGETHER IN REAL TIME! PLEASE SET ASIDE THE TIME & SPACE FOR YOURSELF TO GO DEEP. CREATE A SACRED SPACE FOR YOURSELF DURING THIS CLASS. LIGHT A CANDLE. PUT ON YOUR COZIEST OUTFIT. MAKE YOURSELF A LOVELY CUP OF TEA. THIS IS NOT A TOPIC YOU WANT TO PASSIVELY TUNE INTO! Learning Objectives: Establish an unshakeable inner knowing that you are worthy of all that you desire Learn how to make your biggest goals feel within reach Adopt new habits, practices and magnetic belief systems Get clear on your desires and the actions you need to take to make them a reality Shift your frequency to match what you're calling in Letting go of scarcity and connecting with abundance Deepen your relationship with yourself and your vision Close the gap between yourself & wholeness Connect with and embody the most magnetic version of yourself, every single day Exist from a space of limitless possibility Tap into the gold mine of YOURSELF You will receive access to the recording upon purchasing, and will have access 6 months. With love and gratitude, Analisa

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