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Attracting Dream Clients Masterclass

  • 180Days
  • 1Step


This masterclass is for Estheticians, beauty pros & service providers who are feeling stuck or stagnant when it comes to having bookings feel simple & consistent. I've been there... -Posting that amazing before/after, hoping that will be what your audience needs to see to finally book with you, only for you to feel disappointed when no one does -So excited to be starting the week off with a full schedule, only for 3 clients to cancel, leaving you with gaps to fill, posting & praying... -Knowing you are SO good at what you do and could change someone's life, if only your business was in front of the right eyes! -Feeling like you are doing *all the things* working yourself into overwhelm & burnout, only for nothing to be working! -You might even start to wonder if this is the right career for you... After years of trial & error, I have discovered a simple blueprint that has helped me build a schedule full of the dreamiest clients- who trust my expertise, never question my worth, consistently re-book and purchase retail, all while happily referring other aligned clients to me. And I want to share this magic with you! Inside this masterclass, you will learn: -If I were to start my business over again, exactly what I would do to attract perfectly aligned, soulmate clients -How I have built a database of over 1200 clients in 3 years as a solo esthetician -Simple Actions that I take daily my multi-six-figure business to attract clients (that you can duplicate inside of your business) -Embodying The Mindset Of A Six-Figure CEO -Strengthening Your Brand, Perfecting Your Niche and how these will transform your business -Identifying Your Current Roadblocks + Opportunities For Growth -Social Media & Marketing Strategies To Rinse & Repeat In Your Business For Continual Growth *You will receive 6 month access to the recording.

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