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Holiday Season Success

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  • 11Steps


NOW is the time to begin prepping your spa for a successful holiday season— are you ready? There is an abundance of opportunity this time of year to increase your cash flow but it’s also important to capitalize on the impact that Black Friday and Small Business Saturday can have on your overall business growth strategy. In this training, I will guide you through proven marketing & sales strategies that are designed for you to customize and implement into your business with ease, along with action steps you can begin taking NOW so that your business is optimized for inevitable success. ***BONUS: You will receive access to my Masterclass: "How I Made $11k in Two Days" Here's what I covered in this masterclass: -How I set a personal new record & made just under $11k in sales in two days as a solo esthetician for Black Friday & Small Business Saturday (step by step, what it took-- and how I can duplicate this anytime, regardless of the holidays) -Exactly how I could have doubled those sales if I had been more prepared -Who I have to BE to hit these numbers in my business -Manifestation & Making Serious Magic In your Business -Sales Energetics -Detachment From The Money -Leaving Room For Miracles -Setting New Energetic Minimums For Myself -How YOU can implement these simple strategies & energetic upgrades into your business immediately! *You will receive 6 month access to this training upon purchasing*

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