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Body Serum Candle

Body Serum Candle


The Body Serum Candle is inspired by treatments in Bali, this spa-quality warm oil treatment transforms your home, as it begins to melt, into your revitalizing retreat. Formulated with a rich organic botanical oil blend, the candle can be poured on your body, infusing your skin with fatty acids, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals leaving it soft, supple and with a fragrance you can’t resist.



⭒ Improves firmness & elasticity

⭒ Evens tone & texture

⭒ Combats dryness & dehydration


For those who prefer a fresh and clean aromatherapy experience:


Serenity | Fresh and soothing notes of chilled lavender.

Radiance | Sweet and floral notes of citrus and honeysuckle.

Restoration | Woody and grounding notes of eucalyptus and cedar.