Digestive Support, Pre/Post Natal Safe, Anti-Inflammatory, Skin Restoring.
Chlorella is perfect for busy people on-the-go that often forget to eat their greens. A blue-green algae native to Japan, Chlorella is exceptionally rich with phytonutrients.


What it does:


As an algae, Chlorella is a very rich source of plant-based protein and is known to be a 60% complete protein. With this strong nutritional profile, Chlorella helps to shuttle toxins out of the bod, ultimately balancing out blood sugar levels as the cherry on top.


Tastes like:


Fresh, pure, strong green flavor.


Pairs well with:


Coconut or hemp milk, bananas.


Dose with:


Maca, Chill The F* Out or Mind Over Matter.

  • How to use

    Add 1-2 tsp into your daily celery juice or mix with room temp water + fresh lemon to alkalize and detox the body. 

    Skin boost option: Mix 2 tsp into your fav face mask or cleanser or DIY a mask with 2 tsp Chlorella, raw avocado, Manuka honey or goat's milk yogurt to revive dull or inflamed skin.

  • Ingredient

    Chlorella Detoxifier, an exceptional source of plant protein, and promotes a clean healthy gut.

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