Gemstone Body Kit

Gemstone Body Kit


ALCHEMY OF YOUR BODY is a crystal grid designed to cleanse the aura of the body, shield negativity and amplify your intention.  Much like our Gemstone Facial Kit, by placing the crystals in the designated positions on or around the body, they will work synergistically to relax your mind and detox your aura. 

When to use:

  • Before an important event
  • Holding in the palm of the hand to promote healing 
  • At the beginning of your day to give inner strength
  • Under a pillow to attract love 
  • To calm and relieve anxiety at the end of the day or during meditation

What's included :

Rose Quartz- Attracting Love 

Smokey Quartz- Detoxifying/Cleansing, Purifying

Lapis Lazuli - Anti Anxiety, Relaxing

Fluorite - Neutralizes Negativity, Absorbs Envy/Anger 

Clear Quartz - Master Healer

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