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Money Magic Spray

Money Magic Spray


We created this Money Magic Spray because of the magnificent hearts in our community. WE WANT YOU TO BE RICH AF! Bc y’all are going to change the world for the better with an influx of cash in your bank account. This is an energetic call to the Universe for support in shifting the distribution of wealth from where it is now, to the artists, healers, activists…the gentle-hearted, do-gooders, the writers, the mamas, the animal lovers, the potion makers, Sun worshipers, Moon magicians, and every single person who will do good things and change the world in beautiful ways with the money you receive.


This special spray was created with CITRINE+GREEN AVENTURINE crystals, charged with the LAKSHMI MANTRA, and MERKABA field of protection, to bring you into alignment with the energy of abundance, prosperity, and call in good luck.


Spray this magical spray to LEVEL UP and ELEVATE your vibe. Any negative juju will vanish with a quickness, creating a clean slate to magnetize everything your heart desires.