Skin Restoring, Pre/Post Natal Safe, Libido Boosting.

Shatavari is basically a girl’s best friend, especially during her period. A root commonly used in Ayurveda, translated from Sanskrit means ""a woman with a hundred husbands"" (basically making every woman feel like a queen).


What it does:


This ancient root is great for woman at an age from menstruation to menopause. Promoting sexual health, it also balances the hormonal system by regulating estrogen production. If you battle cramps or irregular hormones, this herb can be a game changer.


Tastes like:


Elements of both bitter and sweet.


Pairs well with:


Nut based milks, berries, and cinnamon.


Dose with:


Glow Getter, Chill The F Out, Follow Your Gut.

  • How to use

    Add 1 tsp to smoothie, juice, or tea. 


  • Ingredient

    Shatavari A girl's best friend, promoting sexual health, hormone regularity, and good during menopause.

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