Slay All Day

Slay All Day


Energy boosting, Immunity Building, Libido Boosting, No Mushrooms.

The creamy adaptogenic Matcha blend that provides a jitter-free, long-lasting energy boost, while simultaneously detoxing and boosting your immune system. Basically, a matcha made in heaven. 


Particularly effective as a replacement for coffee, Slay All Day will give you the tools and energy to conquer the day, erm, your life. 


Slay All Day is a next-level take on a creamy matcha latte blend, containing two powerful adaptogens, Chlorella and Ginseng, that combine to increase the bioavailability of compounds which help to reduce stress. Combined with Matcha, an antioxidant and L-Theanine-rich plant that contains both Yin and Yang aspects by increasing energy, while promoting an overall sense of calm energy. 


Slay All Day has a mildly bitter and creamy flavor. Think green tea meets a greens powder with a touch of pea protein and coconut. 


Coconut or hemp milk, bananas. 


Maca, Chill The F* Out or Mind Over Matter.


  • How to use

    All of our wellness blends are nutritionally formulated to maximize health function and taste. They can be added to foods (yogurt, chia puddings, toast, etc.), coffee, smoothies, or fave drink. Pro-tip: Double down on desired health benefits by mixing with our other blends or single herbs.  

    Suggested recipes: 
    Latte: Add 1 tsp to your favorite plant-based milk and sweetener (optional). Mix + enjoy!

    Green Antioxidant Smoothie: Add 2 tsp into your favorite green smoothie. Blend for 1-2 minutes. Sip + enjoy!

  • Ingredients

    Japanese Matcha Rich in Chlorophyll, Antioxidants and L-Theanine to support relaxation.

    Ginseng (Siberian) Regulates blood sugar, soothes inflammation, and provides stress & anxiety support.

    Coconut Cream Powder Good source of fatty acids and packed with vitamins C, E, B1, as well as iron, calcium and magnesium.

    Chlorella Detoxifier, an exceptional source of plant protein, and promotes a clean healthy gut.

    Pea Protein Builds and supports joints and muscle growth, promotes a healthy gut.

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