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Throat Chakra Crystal Set

Throat Chakra Crystal Set


Balance your throat chakra with our Throat Chakra Crystal Set. In this bundle, we include five crystals that are known to support the throat chakra that is associated with truth, expression and communication.


Kyanite - clears and aligns chakras to remove blocks, deepens meditation, dream recall

Sodalite - embodying truth with confidence, supports writing and communicating your feelings, grounded in logic

Aquamarine - calming, relaxation, harmony

Amazonite - reduces stress and anxiety, calming, heals emotional trauma, self-awareness

Blue Chalcedony - relieves hostility and irritability, calming, think before speaking, finding your voice


Each bundle also comes with a keepsake bag and a cute little card explaining the crystal properties.

* Healing crystal energy for soothing your nerves, reducing stress and anxiety and promoting a calm, peaceful state *