Aquamarine Ritual Gem Essence

Aquamarine Ritual Gem Essence


The Sailor's stone, used as a talisman for good luck & protection.  Calms aggression to bring clear communication.  Enhances intuitive abilities.  Excellent stone for teachers, or those giving a speech.  Assists the wounded child archetype for those who have disconnected from their emotions due to trauma.  Helps clear stagnant energy. 

SCENT: Subtle tropical floral, ylang ylang, with a hint of fennel, neroli, and small citrus punch of petigrain

Gem Essence are vibrational gem oils that provide properties from each gem stone and essential oil blends.  They excrete a vibrational frequency of each stone and are to be used with intention.

  • How To Use

    - Add 8-10 drops to a meditative intention bath using the corresponding herbs to attract intention
    -Use in dressing a candle during altar or moon rituals and anointing candle with gem oil
    -Can be used on chakra or pulse points, as massage oil, hand or foot wash, or before yoga, meditation, presentations, or performances.
    -Can also be used around your house or work area, on doorways, knobs, car or around your space.

  • Gem Aspects/Specifications

    Planet: Mercury
    Element: Air
    Deities: Hera
    Herbs: Elderberry, skullcap, licorice root
    Chakra: Throat + Heart

  • Ingredients

    Aquamarine gem essence, Safflower oil, Apricot Kernel oil, teal pearl pigment oxide mica, & Essential oils

  • Caution

    These oils are not to be ingested internally

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