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Essential Lipids Delicate Barrier

Essential Lipids Delicate Barrier


Essential Lipids: Delicate Barrier is a multi-purpose moisturizer, cleanser, and facial oil specifically created for reactive skin and heightened sensitivities.


This focused blend of whole plant lipids comes together to mirror and support our skin’s own natural lipid barrier. This nourishing oil is soothing and supportive to all skin types, even the most sensitive.


Essential Lipids is also highly recommended for those with a damaged lipid barrier, skin in healing crisis, and for those with autoimmune conditions or in treatment for serious illness.  This product is also well suited to someone transitioning to the Laurel line for the first time from a more conventional or clinical line.

  • Full Ingredient List: Jojoba Seed Wax*, Chia Seed Oil*, Evening Primrose Seed Oil*, Calendula Flower Infusion*, Cranberry Fruit + Seed Oil*, Moringa Seed Oil*, Red Raspberry Fruit + Seed Oil*, Pomegranate Seed Oil*, Rosemary Extract*
    ( *= organically grown ingredient )