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Rhodochrosite:  Stone of Compassion


  • Energizes The Soul
  • Restores Harmony in Relationships
  • Ignites Passion + Love
  • Dispels Jealousy
  • Teaches Trust
  • Chakras - Heart Chakra
  • Zodiac - Leo, Scorpio
  • Element - Earth
  • Numerical Vibration - Number 4

Rhodochrosite is a stone that integrates physical and spiritual energies, stimulating love and passion while energising the soul.  Rhodochrosite opens the heart, lifting depression and encouraging a positive and cheerful outlook.  It improves self worth and soothes emotional stress.  Rhodochrosite encourages a positive attitude, creativity and innovation, and enhances dream states.


Rhodochrosite regulates and stabilises the heart beat, balances blood pressure and stimulates circulation, the kidneys and reproductive organs.  It alleviates migraines, skin disorders, thyroid imbalances, and intestinal problems.  Rhodochrosite purifies the circulatory system and restores poor eyesight.