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Rose Quartz Facial Dry Brush

Rose Quartz Facial Dry Brush


Rose Quartz Facial Dry Brush


Dry brushing is a way to gently exfoliate the skin while stimulating lymphatic drainage, which helps to de-puff and detoxify the skin from the inside out.


Directions: Begin with clean, dry skin. Starting at your chest, brush in downward, circular motions, moving your way up your neck and your face, all the way to your forehead.


*We work in downward motions to encourage the lymphatic fluid to flow down and drain through your neck


You can choose to apply your favorite beauty oil directly afterwards, or cleanse your skin and follow with your regular skincare regimen.


Care Instructions: Wash brush every 30 days with a gentle, unscented soap and allow to air-dry. Ensure brush is completely dry prior to use.


Energetically cleanse with sage or Palo Santo before each use